Visiting the Library

You may like to make a cuppa to get you through this long document! But please read on carefully as it does contain a lot of important information.



Visiting the Library

We are delighted to say that Morrab Library is open again, although in a very limited capacity. The necessity to keep staff, volunteers and members as safe as possible is our first priority, and we will need to continue to work within the context of health and safety legislation and best practice guidelines for libraries to achieve this. So please bear with us as we take a careful and steady approach over a period of time to try and get everything back on track. 


We will take gradual steps, offering more services over a number of stages. In this way, we can trial each step, and make sure it’s working effectively, before moving on to the next level.This takes into account factors such as staffing levels and extra time needed for additional tasks.


Sadly of course, this means that things can’t be as they were, at least initially, before we closed. But we hope you understand and will be patient with us as we take these actions, to both mitigate risk and ensure that we’ll be able to get things back on track, as far as possible. We are working within a constantly evolving situation, and the service we can offer will change alongside this.


From current thinking, COVID-19 is transferred via respiratory droplets, and breathing these in presents the biggest infection risk. The more people in an area and the longer they stay, the greater the risk of passing on the disease. Therefore, we will need to limit the number of people in the building, so entry at this time will be by appointment only.


It needs to be said that while the staff will do all it can to make the library as safe as possible, we cannot of course guarantee it 100%, so each member will need to make their own decision about whether they feel they can visit.


At this stage, it won’t be possible for volunteers to help us at the front desk – this goes against guidelines and best practice around safeguarding and multiple people handling the same objects, in our case items such as the loans cards, date stamps, sharing desks etc. so the staff will be extra busy – we ask for your patience.


The following outlines our first stage on the path to one day being fully operational, explaining the action we are taking. Once we have tested the process and see how things work, we’ll then be able to move on to the next stage, and offer more. 


Opening hours and access 

    • The library will open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10.00 am to 3.00pm. This reflects staff capacity, the necessity to spend more time cleaning the library each day, and completing essential tasks when less people are about . 
    • The library will be open for book loans and returns, and for readers who wish to book a workspace on the first floor.  
    • Entry will be by appointment only. We need to be very strict about how many people can safely be in the library and share spaces at the one time. You can email us at : or telephone 01736 364474 and leave a message with your name and contact entails – staff will contact you to arrange an appointment. 
    • Please don’t try to visit unless you have received confirmation of your appointment time. We do not want you to have to queue outside for any lengthy period, especially if the weather proves as erratic as it has been of late.
    • Please book for an appointment as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.


  • You do not need to make an appointment if you are only returning or collecting books and do not wish to enter the building beyond the entrance foyer.



For members wishing to borrow books:

  • We will be able to welcome you for a visit of 30 minutes. This will hopefully allow enough time to select books to borrow. We need to keep the permitted time short so we can allow as many members as possible to access the building safely over the course of the day. Our statistics show that 75% of all of our loans are from our fiction collections, which is centred in one room, so we need to be aware of how people will be in that room at the same time. Numbers and timings will be constantly reviewed.
  • If you are isolating as a household, a couple or family can come in together. 


For members wishing to book a workspace:

  • Rooms on the first floor will be available to book for members to use for research, study or work.
  • Most rooms will allow for solo occupancy, some of the larger rooms will accommodate two people, with appropriate social distancing measures in place. 
  • You will need to book a room in advance, specifying the time you will want to spend in the library. We will need time between appointments to clean the workspace thoroughly before the next person.
  • As well as your own thermos or bottled water, you may want to bring your own cushion for the chairs, as ours have had to go into storage! Please see the Amenities section below for more information about available facilities.
  • We will try as best we can to accommodate your room preference, but bookings will be made on a first come first served basis.
  • We ask that you remain at the desk you have been allocated, and let us know if you move or touch anything outside of this area.


Other considerations

  • Only library members (or members of their household) will be able to access the building – we will sadly not be able to welcome any visitors at this stage, unless they are expressly wishing to join as a new member.
  • We cannot accept any book donations at this time.
  • The Photo Archive will not be open to visitors on Thursday mornings at this time, but please email, or call the library and we can pass on any enquiries.


While you are with us

  • It will not be possible to remain in the library beyond choosing or returning books. 
  • Hand sanitiser will be on offer at the front door, and we will ask that you make use of it BEFORE entering the building. Alternatively, you are very welcome to wear your own gloves. 
  • If you are able to do so,you will be asked to wear a face covering whilst moving around the building. If you are then working in a room on your own, your mask can be removed at this time.
  • There will be additional hand sanitising stations throughout the building.
  • Social distancing practices will be in place (working to the 2 metre rule) and staff will be working behind a temporary screen. We don’t relish this latter prospect, but it is sadly a necessity at this time in order to mitigate any risk to staff.


Loans and Returns

  • If you are returning library books, please bring them in a bag (preferably one you don’t want back), and include a note with your name on it. There will be special boxes in the foyer where you can leave them – in keeping with health and safety guidelines, they will need to be quarantined for 72 hours before staff can process them. 
  • The lifting on restrictions on the number of loans will remain, meaning you can borrow more than six books at a time. If you don’t feel comfortable coming to the library yourself, you can nominate a fellow member, friend or family to borrow and collect books on your behalf.
  • We will be offering a collection service. If you send us a list of titles you are seeking, we can check our holdings and the shelves, and if they are available, we can bag them up and leave them for you or a friend or family member to collect from the foyer, so you won’t have to come into the rest of the building. 
  • The magazines and newspapers normally located in the Reading Room will be moved to the tables in the Jenner Room, and be available for loan. 



  • The ground floor toilet will be available, but we ask that it be accessed only if completely necessary. Please leave the space as clean as possible after use. A hand sanitising station will be located just outside.
  • Sadly, the kitchen will be closed to members, and not accessible.
  • Lockers will not be in use. Bags must remain with you. They cannot be left at the desk or elsewhere. Again, we are obliged to avoid multiple people touching the same objects. 
  • The till will be in operation for book and other sales, donations and new memberships and renewals. Payment by card is our preferred option, although we will accept cheques and cash. Appropriate hygiene measures will be in place for using the till.
  • The photocopier will only be available for the use of library staff, but we will happily copy anything you need on your behalf.
  • The lift will be in operation and hand sanitising stations will be available in the foyers on each floor.
  • Parking at the library should generally be possible during this time, although if you would  like to be guaranteed a parking spot, please let us know when you make your appointment.



  • Library staff will carry out regular cleaning of ‘hotspots’ around the building throughout the day, such as door handles, stair bannisters and the toilet. 
  • We will also undertake a deep clean of the library after hours each day. 
  • Desks, chairs and other items will need to be cleaned in between different people using them.


Please contact Lisa (, or leave a message on 01736 364474 and I’ll call you back) if you have any questions or concerns.  A detailed reopening plan is available on request for those who might like to see it.


We would also like to offer my assistance to any of you who will need to continue to self-isolate and won’t be able to visit, or do not have anyone who can borrow books on your behalf. Please get in touch so we can find a way to help you if we can.


I know this is not an ideal situation, but hopefully this is just the beginning of a gradual return to the normality of the Morrab Library we all love so much. Thank you so much for your wonderful support throughout lockdown, and as we move forward into this rather unknown territory!


Lisa Di Tommaso


A reopening, of sorts…..

Dear Members,

You’ll have seen the news from the Government yesterday confirming permission to reopen libraries from the 4th July. After consultation between Trustees and staff, we are happy to say that Morrab Library will be able to reopen with a limited service from Wednesday July 15th.

This gives us time to bring staff back from furlough, to establish necessary procedures, and undertake a deep clean of the library in the weeks prior to this. The necessity to keep staff, volunteers and members as safe as possible is our first priority, and we will need to work within the context of health and safety legislation and best practice guidelines for libraries to achieve this. So please bear with us as we take a careful and steady approach over a period of time to try and get everything back on track.

More details will follow very soon, but for now, please be aware that initially, the library will be open three days a week – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 10.00am to 3.00pm by appointment only, and only for loans and returns. You will need to call or email ahead to book a time to visit, as we will need to manage the numbers in the building at any one time and ensure social distancing, which at least for now, will remain at 2 metres to mitigate any risk to our members.

We’ll be able to take bookings for appointments from Tuesday 7th July, and more information will follow soon. We do envisage a busy first rush, so we may need to beg your patience as things settle down.

Once we have established safe processes, we will then, as quickly as possible, look to reopen the rooms upstairs for members to work in. This will also work on an appointment system. The opportunity to host classes and workshops will be reviewed over the summer, based around future Government guidance.

It will be wonderful to see you again, although please be aware that we will need to work to very strict guidelines, at least initially. We will do everything we can to restore the library to full service in due course. Please keep an eye out for more detailed information about our reopening over the next week.

Many thanks for your wonderful support throughout all of this.

Take care,

The Trustees and Library team

Hilda Quick & VE Day


The library is lucky to hold archives of work by the Cornish artist and illustrator Hilda Quick.

Quick was born in Penzance in 1895 and trained at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London, later specialising in wood engravings. Locally, she created designs for the Minack Theatre programmes, working directly with Rowena Cade (founder of the Minack). She also illustrated numerous books including her own — Marsh and Shore, about bird-watching on the Cornish coast, which became a bestseller.

She lived in Penzance until the death of her parents in 1951, after which she moved to St Agnes in the Isles of Scilly, remaining there for the rest of her life and continuing to produce work until her death at the age of 83 in 1978.

During her long career Quick produced numerous studies of the local community in Penzance and Newlyn, including these rather wry and playful sketches. They were made during the second world war and give an insight into the everyday lives of people in Penzance during that time – from the desperate and dutiful queues at the local fishmongers and chaos at the food office in St John’s Hall, to Penzance’s exasperated ‘chief billing officer’ pulling at his hair.

VE day commemorates the beginning of peace in Europe, a peace that must have been felt in a thousand little ways across the country, from our own land’s end to the highlands. It celebrates the peace that started the long and complicated process of healing for many countries. Hilda Quick’s drawings capture a time that is past but VE day reminds us that the value of peace, and working together, is ever-present.



February 2020


From the Chair

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas and are now fully recovered to face 2020! 

2019 was, as usual, a busy year for the Morrab, with a huge variety of talks, film shows, children’s storytelling and art and craft courses. Almost all of these were fully booked, and all raised funds for the library through your generous donations. So a big thank you for your support. I’m happy to say that the talks’ programme for 2020 is looking equally busy. The Library also attracted many new members in 2019, with membership standing at 715 at the close of the year. 

Looking ahead, plans are afoot for the refurbishment of the basement. This would see the creation of a proper working space for the book conservation team, a private workspace for the Library staff, a new space for visiting researchers, as well as improving our storage capacity. The Trustees have been meeting with various advisors ahead of making a substantial bid to the National Heritage Lottery Fund. This bid is also likely to contain a budget for environmental improvements to the building, principally solar panels on the roof and, potentially, a ground source heating system to replace our ancient night storage heaters. Inevitably, the process is likely to be lengthy, but it’s an extremely important development for the library going forward.  The Digitisation of the Library’s book catalogue will also get underway this year. As with so many Library projects the Library’s volunteers will provide enormous support for this; the Trustees thanks go out to them for all the work they do for the Library. 

You will have recently received an email from us about joining our new Library Benefactors Scheme. We hope you might consider this an important way of supporting our wonderful library. Contact Library staff if you would like more information.

All the very best. 

Peter Chapman – Chair


News from the Photo Archive 

We recently had a recruiting drive for volunteers and had a fantastic response. With our new volunteers we are now able to redouble our efforts to scan all of the prints, negatives and glass plates in our collection. The work in the archive, however, is not only to scan and save the images and make them available but also to identify and date them. With our new volunteer intake we have gained more local knowledge which helps greatly in this process. 


You could help as well! Simply browse our photos on the Morrab Library website and see what information we have about the images and we would be glad to hear from you if you can add anything. You can then contact me at telling me the title and number of the photo and giving your information. At the same time you will have endless fun looking at the images of Penwith and places further afield. 


David Puddifoot – Photo Archive Manager



A gentle reminder that your annual membership subscriptions are now due. There are more methods to pay this year – via card, cash or cheque, and also using our Direct Debit facility. Please contact the library for more information. Our thanks to everyone who has already renewed this year.


We have also introduced student membership at a reduced rate of £20 per year. This is an individual membership (not household), and will be available to any who present their current student card at the desk.


Annual General Meeting

Morrab Library’s AGM will be held from 2.00pm on Monday 2nd March at the Lugger Inn (Marine Terrace, PZ). Papers relating to the meeting are attached to this newsletter. All members are very welcome to attend – please note however that on voting matters, only one vote per household is permitted. We very much look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there.



We have already hosted our first talk of the year, and look forward to many more throughout the year. The schedule remains a work in progress, but at the end of this email you’ll find a list of those which have been confirmed at the time of writing. We can still only take bookings once each event is advertised, usually around a month before the event, so please keep an eye out on email, and in the library, as bookings open.


You will notice that the Trustees have made the decision to reduce the number of Fairs we host this year. The Spring Fair will merge with the Summer Fete, and we won’t be hosting a Book Fair this year. There are a number of reasons for this, the main one being the huge amount of work required to prepare for and host the events. We will do our utmost to ensure that the Summer and Christmas Craft Fairs are brilliant, and look forward to welcoming you to both.


We’re delighted to announce that local artist Karen Lorenz will join us for two weeks from the 6th – 21st June as our artist-in-residence during the new Penzance Art Festival PZ20. More details will follow soon.


Gift Aid on Donations

The library welcomes donations of books to either add to its collections, or to sell in order to raise valuable funds. We are now able to claim Gift Aid on donated books which means we get an extra 25p for every £1 sold. If you are looking to donate books to us, and you are eligible to pay Gift Aid (i.e. you are a UK taxpayer) do let us know. It’s a simple way of raising money for our library and sharing the joy of books!


National Archives

Our wonderful team of volunteers have been busy over the last few months  creating archive records to be added to the National Archives DISCOVERY catalogue. So far, the collections relating to JT Blight, Sir Humphry Davy and his brother John Davy, Caldwell Harpur, Thomas Dawson, and our records on the subject of Railways and Gardens have been added, with more to follow soon. It is all searchable via this link:


Member email addresses

There are over 100 members who we don’t have email addresses for, and therefore our budget only allows us to contact you just twice a year through a postal mailout. If you now have an email address and would like to be contacted in this way, please let us know and we can add you to our email list, where you’ll be kept up to date regularly on talks, events and classes as they happen here. For members already receiving our emails, please don’t forget to update us if your details change.


Other cataloguing news 

We are delighted to say that the library has now purchased the KOHA library management system system, which will allow us to begin the process of creating a digital catalogue of our book collections. We are in the midst of sorting out the technicalities involved in getting it up and running. We’ll be recruiting volunteers soon to start adding our book titles to the system, in what will be the beginning of a very long but worthwhile process in helping our members, and the rest of the world, get a better idea of the brilliant collections held within our library.


Book title suggestions

Don’t forget that all members are welcome to suggest titles which are not held in the library, for consideration by the Book Selection Committee. The team meet four times per year to decide which books to purchase for the collections, and your ideas and suggestions are invaluable to us.


Social Media

For those who don’t follow us already, a reminder that news about the library can also be found on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 


Public Access Defibrillator  – a message from Martin Crosfill, Library Member

“A reminder that the Library, alongside the Friends of the Gardens and Pengarth

Day Centre are supporting an appeal for the provision of a public access

defibrillator in the Morrab Gardens.The Gardens are used by people of all ages and it is

hardly necessary these days to point out the value. £2000 is the target, of which we already have over £600. This covers the cost of the apparatus, installation and training. Cash or cheques can be given in at the Library. Cheques should be made out to `Hypatia Trust defibrillator account’. Please support us – it might be you!” 


Lisa Di Tommaso



Upcoming events at the Morrab Library 


Please don’t try and book until the event has been advertised by the Library (approximately one month before the event date).




Friday 21st February 10.30am – tickets still available

Children’s event: Super Storytime with Jak Stringer





Wednesday 4th March 2.00pm – limited tickets still available

A talk, live performance and Q&A by Tunde Jegede on the life and times of 19th century composer and violinist, Joseph Antonio Emidy


Saturday 14th March – 11.00am  – 3.00pm – FULLY BOOKED

Study Day: Ways Into Writing with Anna Murphy


Thursday 19th March 11.00am – 1.00pm

Drop in and chat with five NHS medical students as they present individual displays on a range of topics on medical history, including Sir Humphry Davy’s contribution to the development of anaesthesia, the artist Bryan Pearce’s medical condition and how it affected his art, health beliefs during the time of the plague, Leonardo Da Vinci and his studies of anatomy, and the Theory of the Four Humours.




Saturday 4th April 10.15am – 1.15pm

Study morning: Art and Music in the Tudor Century with Mark Cottle


Wednesday 8th April 2.00pm

Talk: Meet the  occupants of the Elizabeth Treffry Room

Speaker: Maggi Livingstone




Wednesday 13th May 2.00pm

Talk: Dylan Thomas

Speaker: Jak Stringer and Linda Camidge


Friday 29th May 10.30am

Children’s event: Super Storytime with Jak Stringer



Wednesday 10th June 2.00pm

Talk: Being an Artist-in-Residence at Morrab Library

Speaker: Karen Lorenz


Saturday 13th June 11.00am

Talk: The Jews in Cornwall: evacuation from the East End

Speaker: Susan Soyinka


Saturday 20th June 10.00am – 2.00pm

Morrab Library Summer Fete




Wednesday 15th July 2.00pm

Talk: Naval History

Speaker: Professor Andrew Lambert




Wednesday 7th October 2.00pm

Talk: The Building of Buckfast Abbey

Speaker: Mark Cottle




Saturday 21st November 10.00am – 2.00pm

Morrab Library Christmas Fair


Saturday 28th November 1.30-3.30

Morrab Library Volunteer Thankyou Afternoon Tea




Saturday 19th December 1.00pm-4.00pm

Morrab Library Christmas Party

Autumn 2019


2019 is flying by and the library continues to flourish. We have hosted some great talks and workshops, including some wonderful children’s events, and enjoyed hosting our Spring and Summer Fairs. We bid a sad farewell to our Assistant Librarian, Katie Lennon in April, and welcomed Sue Garwood in her place, who has settled in wonderfully. The Library has also upgraded the wifi and introduced other processes to help make the running of the library more efficient. Check the end of this newsletter for a list of remaining events this year, and in particular, don’t forget the Library’s annual Book Fair on 21st September.


From the Chair

Penzance’s new Mayor, Nicole Broadhurst, visited the Library on August 15th, accompanied by Hester Hunt, Town Clerk, and Paula Smith, the Council’s Support Services Manager/Responsible Financial Officer. The visited was instigated by Trustee Tina Clark (who also made the delicious scones we ate at the end of the visit!). Lisa and I showed the councilors around the Library’s rooms where they were very impressed with both the range and age of the books on our shelves. They also met Sandie, Pamela and Hilary from the book restoration and repairing team, hard at work in the basement, before visiting the Photo Archive where Glyn and David explained the archive’s work and shared some of its images. The tour ended in the reading room where Lisa had arranged an impressive display of items from the Library’s Archives. The Mayor’s visit was an opportunity to bring the Town Council up to date on where the Library currently stands, and it’s plans going forward, including digitization and alignment with the National Archives. 


As you know only too well we’ve been plagued with roof leaks over the past few years. These have all been patched up, but on a temporary basis. This is clearly not a satisfactory solution and we are now going ahead with permanent repairs to the roof. We are very grateful to the Tanner Trust who are helping us with the cost of these repairs, which we hope will be completed before the end of the year. 

Peter Chapman – Chair


News from the Photo Archive 

The Photo Archive has created a calendar using some of the historic photos from the Archive, ‘MORRAB LIBRARY 2020’. As we go to press it is in the hands of the printers and will be on sale in the library very soon! A perfect Christmas present for all your friends and relations at home and abroad. 


We have a great team of volunteers in the Photo Archive. We are a friendly bunch with a range of skills that we have learned ‘on the job’. Would you like to join us? At present we need more people to scan prints and negatives and save them on the database. We will show you how to do everything, so as long as you aren’t computer-phobic you will be able to contribute. Training sessions will be on Thursday mornings but after that you can choose a time to suit you to continue the good work. Come and talk to us any Thursday morning or email: or 

David Puddifoot – Photo Archive Manager


A new way of paying…..

Some members may have noticed we have very recently installed a new electronic till system at the reception desk. This means we can now accept payments by card, alongside cash and cheque – an exciting development for the library.This will help to streamline the way we work and help us manage those precious pennies we receive from members and visitors.


National Archives

We are excited to announce that work has now commenced on the project to digitise our Archives catalogue. A small team of volunteers are now transcribing the paper records of our holdings, which allows us to upload our records on to the National Archives catalogue. The DISCOVERY catalogue is available via the web and searchable by anybody throughout the world. It means that Penwith’s history and culture is, deservedly, being shared with an audience beyond the region. The first 92 records created by one of our volunteers are those of the archaeologist J.T. Blight – you can view them on the catalogue via this link:


Other cataloguing news 

By the end of this year, the library will have acquired a new library management system called KOHA. This will allow us to start the very long process of cataloguing all of the books in the library into a searchable online catalogue. The index cards we presently use are not going anywhere for a long time, but the ultimate aim is to create a system where all of the books we hold can be searched for by author, title, dewey number and subject, so we all have a far better idea about the treasures on the Morrab’s shelves (including those high ones!). We’ll keep you updated on progress. 


Book suggestions

Don’t forget, if you would like the library to consider purchasing any new titles, we have a Book Suggestion list where you can add your thoughts. You’ll find this at the library front desk. Our Book Selection Committee meets three times per year where all suggestions are considered. 



A big thank you as always to our amazing team of volunteers who keep the doors to the library open, and for embracing the continual change which is unfolding here. We have welcomed some new faces in the last few months, as well as said goodbye to old friends. Please know that current or past, we are so grateful to all who volunteer in the library in any capacity. A thank you tea for our volunteers will be held on Saturday 23rd November – save the date!


Penwith Local History Group

The Penwith Local History Group (PLHG) has enjoyed a strong relationship with Morrab Library for many years. The group undertake important and fascinating research into West Cornwall and are based here at the library, meeting regularly and making use of our collections. Their latest book, Growing up in West Cornwall, brings to life the experience of childhood in West Cornwall, from as far back as the seventeenth century, taking us up to the 1960’s. Copies of the volume are available to purchase for £10 directly from the PLHG at: , or at the library front desk.


Public Access Defibrillator  – a message from Martin Crosfill, Library Member

Owing to the exigencies of the Data Protection Act, this appeal has been delayed until it can

be incorporated in this newsletter. The Library, the Friends of the Gardens and Pengarth

Day Centre have agreed to support an appeal for the provision of a public access

defibrillator in the Morrab Gardens.The Gardens are used by people of all ages and it is

hardly necessary these days to point out the value. £2000 is the target, of which we already have over £500. This covers the cost of the apparatus, installation and training. Cash or cheques can be given in at the Library. Cheques should be made out to `Hypatia Trust defibrillator account’. Please support us – it might be you! 


Committee News


Comings and goings

We have welcomed a number of new Trustees to the Library Committee this year. Following is a complete list of current Trustees:


Chair: Peter Chapman Vice-Chair: Jak Stringer

Honorary Secretary: Stephen Clark Honorary Treasurer: Julian Little

Honorary Librarian: Ashley Axten Hon. Health & Safety Officer: Tim Kendall-Carpenter


George Care

Tina Clark

Sue Nebesnuick

David Puddifoot

Susan Soyinka

Harry Spry-Leverton


Custodial Trustees: Mary Ellery; David Mann; Jenni Pozzi


Tom Arkell 17 April 2019

We were sad to hear of the passing of Tom Arkell in April. Tom was Chairman of Morrab Library from 1996 to 1999, and helped introduce a number of changes to the library, including its change of name from Penzance Library to Morrab Library.


Annual General Meeting

The date is set for next year’s Annual General Meeting – it will be held on Monday 4th March 2020, venue to be confirmed. We will pass on more information about this meeting in the coming months.


Lisa Di Tommaso


September 2019


Upcoming events at the Morrab Library 


Please don’t try and book until the event has been advertised by the Library.




Saturday 21st September 10.30am – 2.00pm

Event: Morrab Library Annual Book Fair


Tuesday 24th September 2.00pm

Talk: Victoria Osborne-Broad

Guardian of the Stones Book Launch (PLACES STILL AVAILABLE)




Wednesday 9th October 2.00pm

Talk: Martin Crosfill

The Tragic Tale of J.T. Blight


Saturday 12th October 11.00am

Talk: Sue Astles

Harry Ousey


Saturday 19th October 

Study Day: Mark Cottle  – “When England Had Hardly Begun” (FULLY BOOKED)


Saturday 26th October

Talk: Friends of Morrab Gardens – the Red Squirrel Project




Wednesday 6th November

Talk: Sharon Wright

Balloonomania Belles: Daredevil Divas Who First Took to the Sky


Saturday 9th November

Book launch: Melissa Hardie  – Bronte Territories: Cornwall and the Unexplored Maternal Legacy, 1760-1870


Tuesday 12th November 1-4pm

Film Screening:Severn and Somme  – The Life of Ivor Gurney


Wednesday 13 November 2.00pm

Talk: Cornish Records Office

An overview of Kresen Kernow and the Archives and Cornish Studies Service


Saturday 16th November 10.30 – 2.00pm

Event: Morrab Library Christmas Craft Fair




Saturday 7th December 11.00am

Talk: Mark Cottle

Shackleton (reprised)


Wednesday 11th December 2.00pm

Talk: Suzy Williams

Once Upon A Christmas – a talk on all things Christmas: legend, how other countries celebrate, and the origins of the day.


Saturday 14th December 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Event: Morrab Library Christmas Party