Book Review – Our Place: Can we save Britain’s wildlife before it is too late?

by Mark Cocker.  London: Penguin Random House, 2018 


Our library member Katharine Mair has recently enjoyed this new addition to our library, and her review follows.

This is a timely book with a grim theme. It is also an easy and engaging read.  Mark Cocker is a working naturalist, who draws us into his own experience of delight in the living landscape that we share with other creatures.

In addition he gives us a lucid account of the work of  many individuals and organisations who have, over several centuries, worked to preserve threatened species and landscapes.This combination of personal anecdote and historical perspective tells us why we should be concerned, and highlights the many conflicts of interest that can get in the way of change, modern farming methods being just one example.

The title of this beautifully written book asks a question. To me it suggests the answer that we must never give up hope and stop trying.