Artist in Residence 2022 – Karen Lorenz

In 2022, The Morrab Library was lucky enough to host the artist Karen Lorenz for a residency. Karen concluded her time at the library with a small body of work exhibited during PZ22 Penzance Arts Festival in June 2022.

The artwork was displayed in the Elizabeth Treffry Room and featured an animation squeezed between the bookends inspired by her residency at the library, as well as other animated and sculptural pieces. Karen works with drawing, experimental animation, and interactive media to explore that which cannot be articulated with words.


The exhibition brought together works on paper, experimental animation and interactive objects that are inspired by the untold tales of things. Like old friends, these books, objects, and words help us to construct narratives so that we know where we are in the world.

Karen regarded her residency at The Morrab Library as “playing with purpose” and her animation of the library captures the whimsy and serendipity of a day at the Library. Throughout the winter months Karen could often be spotted quietly sketching some of the libraries details and photographing some of its quirks, the visiting dogs in reception, the assortment of coasters peppered around the library and retro biscuits in the kitchen – this library runs on tea and biscuits, after all!

During her residency, Karen gave a talk at the library which delved into her creative process and how ideas first appear and take shape. The talk was entitled ‘It is alive if you are’ and illustrates the joy of illusion, the moving image and being attentive to our surroundings. She says: “I like to animate objects. They make excellent storytellers if you let them.” Karen also ran a sold-out bookbinding workshop at the library

You can watch Karen’s Morrab Library animation here and find out more about the artist and her work on her website here.