We are seeking new Honorary Treasurer with experience, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm to join our management committee and support our work.

Being a trustee is a voluntary role and we welcome applications from people from all walks of life. It is not necessary for Trustees to be expert in all areas of governance, but we have to ensure that collectively the Management Committee has the skills and experience to operate effectively and to support the Librarian and her team. Training and support is available and through our membership of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations our trustees have access to up to date information and a range of learning opportunities.

All members of the management Committee:

  • Commit to the core vision of the ML to inspire members of the community through books, archival materials and events within a unique tranquil space for learning, reflection, creation and making new connections
  • Contribute their skills and expertise to the Management Committee’s collective decision making
  • Positively promote the ML and act as an advocate for the organisation
  • Support the ML’s income generation initiatives including the search for funding
  • Accept the legal duties and responsibility of trusteeship
  • Devote the necessary time to the role, including attending Zoom and face to face meetings, supporting the Librarian and, on occasion, attending events

The Treasurer role is a specialist position encompassing the following duties:

  • Providing financial advice to the MMC
  • Chairing the Finance Sub Committee
  • Providing professional direction and training to the bookkeeper, and providing information to her as required, including bank statements and PayPal reports
  • Supervising month end reconciliations, running reports in Sage and producing monthly management accounts
  • Carrying out year-end reconciliations and adjustments in Sage (e.g., value of investments, fixed assets register)
  • Supporting production of the Annual Report and Accounts, working with our accountants
  • Submitting annual Charity Commission Return
  • Ensuring an appropriate budget is approved in advance of each year
  • Ensuring appropriate financial systems, procedures, payroll and banking arrangements are in place and all mandates are up to date
  • Acting as system administrator for Sage, Square etc.
  • Checking payroll each month and dealing with changes to pay, including annual pay awards
  • Providing oversight of investment management arrangements
  • Ensuring suitable insurance is in place
  • Overseeing Gift Aid claims.

The estimated time commitment is around 2-3 days a month, with some extra input required to produce the accounts (Jan/Feb) and set the budget, agree the pay award etc (Nov/Dec).

The trustees meet on the first Tuesday of every month either by Zoom or in person. The finance committee meets quarterly. Working groups are occasionally formed for specific projects and meet on an ad hoc basis.

We may be open to splitting the role between the high-level advice/strategy element and the financial and management accounting, including the reconciliations etc. if the right candidates come forward.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of the Treasurer, please get in touch by email to secretary@morrablibrary.org.uk  in the first instance, telling us about your skills and why you are interested in joining us.