Photographic Archive – Aims and Aspirations

One of our key roles is the conservation of our photographs. Our new museum-grade cabinets have improved our storage facilities, and the digitisation programme will reduce the need to handle those which have been scanned. Eventually, all of the original photographs will be repackaged in archival quality envelopes and boxes and will need very little attention beyond environmental monitoring and periodic checking. Research and use of the photographs will be via the scanned images which can be transmitted to purchasers and researchers as required. This will ensure that the physical photographs will be preserved for future generations.

It is also important for us to generate an income stream for the library, to which end we make a small charge for the purchase of images, whether as print or electronically generated. We also charge a license fee for the commercial use of the images in books, films etc. The income generated is used for the conservation programme and the acquisition of new photographs to add to the collection and to fill in its gaps.

To make our photographs as useful as possible to the general public as well as our members, we aim to offer smaller copies (800 pixels wide) for educational and personal use at no charge via our online catalogue.