This post is both an apology and a warning… Somehow, despite being passed by three pairs of (not so) beady eyes, we managed to get our 2012 dates a bit muddled on the calendar of events. So if you received a newsletter from us, we’re very sorry, but the dates are incorrect. In early 2012, the correct dates for lectures and A.G.M are:
Winter Lecture Series / Bob Harrison ‘Carry On Up The Volga’ / Wednesday 8th February at 2:15pm
A.G.M / Monday 5th March 2012 at 2pm
Winter Lecture Series / Cecil Jenkin ‘A Newlyn Childhood’ / Wednesday 14th March at 2:15pm

There will be a 2012 newsletter winging its way to you later this month with further (hopefully correct this time) event dates for the rest of the year. Sorry.