FISH SL 0001 (slide collection 2)

April’s offering from the slide collection is this delightful study of ‘The Fisher Boy’ with his oilskin smock and Sou’wester leaning against a wooden barrel on the newly completed section of the North Pier at Newlyn, circa 1890.
Behind him is the foreshore where small boats once landed the catches from the Mount’s Bay Luggers anchored in Gwavas Lake.
Stacked in the background are piles of barrels, boxes and fish baskets, on the site where later, in 1907-8, the Mackerel Market and the Harbour Offices were. Basket makers and Coopers worked all year round to sustain the demand.
Further back is the area referred to as ‘The Strand’ at Street-an-Nowan. The Coombe river was diverted behind the new pier to create this scene.

This shot is particularly special as it shows part of Newlyn and the harbour area captured in time – lots of changes were to be made to this area around the turn of the century.