Work on our much anticipated extension has been under way for a few weeks now, and so far all seems to be going according to plan. The electricians have been busy and the fenced off construction area now houses a pair of smart site offices. Plenty of other work has been going on, in, under and behind the scenes, and we spent yesterday making preparations to ensure nothing in the present library building comes to harm amidst the construction. Unfortunately, this means that some areas of the library will be out of bounds for a while. We used all the man and woman power we could muster yesterday (thank you to all the helpers) and moved every last book out of the Jenner Room and into safe keeping downstairs. Some much used reference books from this part of the collection have been re-housed in the Reading Room, but the majority of our Cornish collection is now in storage.  So, from now until mid-August, there will be no access to the following rooms: Jenner Room, Newspaper Archive, Archive Room & Duplicate Room. While we understand this is likely to be a potential problem for some of our members and visitors who use these particular parts of the library’s collection, we hope you can understand that the few months of disruption will be worth it when the building is complete, and thank you for your patience.