We have a wall!
We didn’t have lights upstairs (we tripped them), but now we do! (Scaffolding had to go up in order to reach the fuse box – thank you Rob).
We have a French drain! (Not sure what that is, but it takes the water away from the back of the wall so that’s good).
We will have a ground floor on the carpark within two weeks!
We are still open!
Lots of huge vehicles and bits of machinery have been in and out of the gardens and amazing us with their workings!

On a more serious note, we are still operational, despite circumstances. The rooms which are open are useable, but a bit of a squeeze, so if you don’t mind cosying down between the various piles of books then please do keep visiting us! We are missing the buzz of the Winter Lecture Series and all our other weekly lecture groups, which have unfortuntaely had to be cancelled. But we are still here. If members would like to borrow more than their usual six books, they are welcome to, as we know it’s difficult to get in and out at the moment.
We still have no official word on a completion date, or on the period when we may have to close (while the builders join up roofs and connect new to old), but with an unpredictable job like this it is understandable. As soon as we know we will pass on the dates and details to you. In the meantime, if you have questions about if we’re able to accommodate you or if we can put something by then just get in touch and we’ll do our best. Thank you all again for your patience.