Annual Book Fair

Come one come all! The Morrab Library Book + Postcard fair 2012 is this Saturday. There’ll be books galore: Old + new, from cheap paperbacks to collectable first editions. There will also be food + drink, a raffle and lots of vintage and collectable postcards. Pass the details on to all your pals and anyone you think will be interested. See you Saturday!

P L E A S E   C A N   Y O U   H E L P ?

On Saturday 22nd September, we’re holding our annual book & postcard fair at St John’s Hall. This event raises money for the library, through renting stalls and selling books, and is a good opportunity for us to encourage new members to join. We also rasie funds by selling refreshments on the day.
Can you help by supplying us with some sweet or savoury snacks? We have the sandwiches covered, but anything else would be much appreciated. If you are able to help out, please pop in to the library and let us know or comment on this post telling us your name and what sort of dish you are bringing. Then just bring it in to St John’s Hall on Saturday morning (22nd Setember.) Thank you very much.
We’re also keen to recruit any volunteers to help on the day – if you could spare an hour to do a bit of washing up or serving then we’d be very grateful. Please see Annabelle or Alex at the desk for details on this. Thank you!

Building update # 03

It’s been a while, so we thought we’d better update everyone on progress with the building work… 

From our position on this side of the fence, it appears there’s just a massive hole. There is a massive hole, but it’s what’s going on inside the hole (the bits we can’t see) that is of great importance, and where work has really been moving on. We had a meeting with the council and the contractors yesterday, and heard all about the tricky, risky, dangerous and hugely important business of underpinning the existing building. According to TEC, this part of the work has been challenging – I won’t go into the technical details as they were plentiful and extensive – suffice to say: It’s complicated, but it’s also ‘well in hand’. The TEC team have been friendly, accommodating professional and willing to make every effort to work with the library and we are very grateful. It appears that after a slight delay, things are forging ahead, and that the team should soon be able to move out into the ‘new’ area, which will mean much faster and easier working conditions. 

We have been given a timetable, but for the next fortnight (while the underpinning next to the building is still ongoing) it is in flux. After this time, we should know more about timings and things will become a lot more predictable. In the meantime, we know for certain that the library will have to close to members for approximately four weeks (an incredibly short time really considering what’s planned) at some point while the old and new buildings are ‘connected up’, but we don’t know precisely when this four week closure will be. (Currently looking like some time in November but we aren’t making promises). We will also, unfortunately need to cancel many of our regular autumn and winter events, as until the new building is complete, we will be running on limited capacity, movement between areas of the library, and access. But we will update you with details of this as soon as they’re all worked out. Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused, but hope you understand and share our ‘short-term pain for long-term gain’ outlook. 

Also of note: The builders found a secret tunnel! A corridor running all the way around the building, thought perhaps to have been installed to keep the building dry and free from damp, but we think a smuggling tunnel sounds more exciting. See picture below.


While the Archive is out of action due to extension work, John Simmonds (archivist supreme) has joined Annabelle in cataloguing donations + new purchases for the collection. Double man/woman power on this task means we’ve all been one big cataloguing machine for the past couple of weeks, adding no less than one hundred and thirteen books into stock (and completing all the date labelling, spine labelling, card typing etc. that goes with it). Thus the acquisitions list for July is a long one…
To View the full list click here >>   Morrab Library Acquisitions // July 2012


Just a short, and slightly overdue post to say how much we all enjoyed hosting events for the Penzance Literary Festival last week. It was super to see the library full of people and the talks and other events we hosted were interesting and inspiring. Thanks to all who came and listened, who delivered talks and showed lovely pictures and who volunteered sitting on the door taking tickets – full round up and requests for feedback available through the lit fest’s website:

Building Update # 02

We’re now in week four of serious work on our extension and things are moving quickly. The right hand side of the building is now fully sealed off on the ground and lower floor, and the former downstairs loo has disappeared completely.  At least five skips have been filled and replaced with empty ones, only to be filled again, (and that’s just what we’ve seen). The railings have been removed, the Camellia and Cannon have been uprooted and moved to new spots in the gardens, and there’s a huge hole in front of the building which was concreted on Friday. As you can tell from this ‘update’ we don’t know the ins and outs or techical details of the work, but can only tell you how we’re experienceing the build and we’re very impressed with the work and workers (especially the skilful and unbelievable lifting of a massive skip-full of granite onto the back of a lorry which we witnessed while having lunch outside on Tuesday). Glyn and Bob have been sneaking in and photographing progress, a glimpse of which can be seen below…

Building work update # 01

Work on our much anticipated extension has been under way for a few weeks now, and so far all seems to be going according to plan. The electricians have been busy and the fenced off construction area now houses a pair of smart site offices. Plenty of other work has been going on, in, under and behind the scenes, and we spent yesterday making preparations to ensure nothing in the present library building comes to harm amidst the construction. Unfortunately, this means that some areas of the library will be out of bounds for a while. We used all the man and woman power we could muster yesterday (thank you to all the helpers) and moved every last book out of the Jenner Room and into safe keeping downstairs. Some much used reference books from this part of the collection have been re-housed in the Reading Room, but the majority of our Cornish collection is now in storage.  So, from now until mid-August, there will be no access to the following rooms: Jenner Room, Newspaper Archive, Archive Room & Duplicate Room. While we understand this is likely to be a potential problem for some of our members and visitors who use these particular parts of the library’s collection, we hope you can understand that the few months of disruption will be worth it when the building is complete, and thank you for your patience.  

Jubilee / Bank Holiday Closing

The library will be closed for a time over the Jubilee and June Bank Holiday period. Please note down in your diaries that we’ll close at 4pm on Wednesday 30th May and re-open at 10am on Wednesday 6th June. 

We hope you all have fun celebrating the Jubilee and sorry for any inconvenience caused by closure.

Tribute to Mr Denis Myner

Tribute to Mr Denis Myner, by Bob Harrison (Morrab Library Chairman) 

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Denis Myner, retired architect of St Ives who has been associated with the Morrab Library for over forty years. His funeral took place on Wednesday 9th May 2012 at Longstone Chapel, Carbis Bay followed by internment. The library was well represented by trustees, committee, staff and members and afterwards many joined family and friends at the house of Mike and Sharon Higgins, his close friends and neighbours, for refreshments. 
A wreath was laid on his grave with the following message – “In fond memory of a true friend and generous benefactor from the trustees, committee, staff and members of the Morrab Library”. 
Denis’s health had been failing for some time so we were pleased that he was able to visit us at the library on Monday 23rd April to witness the start of the work on the extension and to meet many of the people involved with the project. Thanks to his generosity, and that of his late sister Patricia, he had established the Myner Trust which is funding the extension and securing our financial future for many years to come. Denis first envisioned the need to expand the premises and over the last fifteen years had championed the design of a sensitive extension and, despite a few setbacks, never relented in his quest. 

Note: The actual work on the site is subject to a slight delay due to concern over the underpinning of the existing building. The issue is being addressed and we hope for good news shortly. Once started the work is expected to be completed within six months.

Grand Summer Raffle

There’s a hint of summer in the air, and we’re once again holding our Grand Summer Raffle. Last year’s was a brilliant success, and we’re hoping to repeat that triumph with another, to be drawn at our Summer Fete on 16th June. We’ve again managed to get some fabulous art prizes, the first being an original Kurt Jackson oil painting. Second prize is an oil painting of a local scene by Ann Bull, third a piece of Norman Stuart Clarke Glassware, and fourth is a framed print by Ken Symons. There will also be plenty of other smaller prizes to be announced on the day. All the prizes are currently on display in the library, so do take a look next time you’re in, and don’t forget to pick up a ticket or two, or more! They’re just a pound each, so well worth the small investment. If you’d like to be extra supportive, we’d welcome more ticket sellers, so if you’re passing, and think you can sell some, pick up a few raffle books and alert your pals! All money rasied will go to the library.